About Us

About Us

The Journal of Maps is an inter-disciplinary online, electronic, journal that aims to provide a forum for researchers to publish maps and spatial diagrams. Using full peer review and a reverse publishing method (where the author pays for the review process), all published maps are freely distributed to anyone wishing to view them.

Publishing Frequency

As the Journal of Maps is an electronic, online, journal there is no formal necessaity for publishing articles in "issues". Indeed there is no such thing as a single, bound, physical issue. However as the journal builds its reputation the Editorial Board has decided to publish within "issues" which are groups of papers that are made available at the same time. JoM is currently in a cycle of three issues per year (April, August, December), however the size of each issue is flexible and additional issues maybe published where appropriate (for example, in the case of special issues resulting from a conference).

In the Press

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