Submission Checklist
From 2012 the Journal of Maps will be published by Taylor and Francis. Please see their submission guidelines for further details.

Submission checklist

You will need to have completed the following in order to submit you map to JoM:

1. E-mail addresses

Are the email addresses of all authors included? (please add them in the notes section on page 2 of the Submission Wizard)

2. Submission Procedure

Have you read the submission procedure which includes detailed instructions for the formatting of your map and submission?

3. Peer Reviewers

You will need to include the contact details of two potential peer reviewers. These need to be experts in your field who will be able to provide an objective assessment of your work. You should not have recently published with them and they should not be from your institution.

4. Article Files

Main article and map.

Please refer to the Instructions for Authors for further information about suitable file types.

5. Processing Charge.

There is an article processing charge of 50.

6. Submission and Copyright

All the map/article authors should have read and agreed to the submission content. The map/article must be original, not already published in a journal and not under consideration by another journal. The submitting author must also accept the terms of the Copyright Agreement

7. Common Mistakes

Listed below are some of the common mistakes people make when submitting materal:

Indicate where our copyright statement will appear on your map
Place the map title, authors and affiliations on the map
Place page number on each page
Adhere to our referencing system
Embed the graphics into the page (use Microsfot Word's compress picture facility in the filesize is large). If your manuscript is accepted for publication you will be requested to supply high quality raster (TIFF) or vector (EPS/PDF) graphics.
Calculate the latitude and longitude (upper left and lower right coordinates) of the area encompassed by the map (needed in section 2 during online submission)
Maps must be formatted to ISO paper sizes, regardless of whether all the space is used or not.
Current JISC/OS licensing for data distributed through EDINA means that we cannot publish any maps incorporating data sourced here. Please read this page for further details.