Editorial Board

Editorial Board

Issue Editors

Dr Mike Smith, Editor-in-Chief
Editor: JoM Science

Reader, Kingston University
BSc (Wales), MSc (UBC), PhD (Sheffield)

Research interests in palaeo-glaciology, geomorphometry and spectroscopy.

Dr Jeremy Porter, Editor: JoM Social Science
Assistant Professor, Brooklyn College
BSc (Louisville), MSc (Louisville), PhD (Mississippi)

Research interests include social demography, social inequalities (race / ethnicity / religion), human development, the spatial analysis of social data, sociology of religion and urban sociology (segregation).

Dr Dick Berg, Editor, Journal of Maps Student Edition
Principal Geologist, Illinois State Geological Survey
Research interest include glacial geology, environmental geology, soil geomorphology, and development of techniques for portrayal of geology in three dimensions.


Professor James Brasington, Professor, Queen Mary, University of London
BSc (Bristol), PhD (Cambridge)
Research interests in fluvial geomorphology.

Dr Doreen Boyd Associate Professor, University of Nottingham
BSc (Wales), PhD (Southampton)
Research interests in environmental remote sensing.

Dr Gina Cavan, Manchester Metropolitan University

Research interests include the application of GIS to assess urban ecosystem services, climate change risk, vulnerability and adaptation across the UK, Europe and Africa.

Professor Chris Clark, Professor, University of Sheffield
BSc (Wales), PhD (Edinburgh)
Research interests include palaeo-glaciology (the dynamics of former ice sheets) and palaeo-ice stream signatures and ice-stream operation. Remote sensing, digital elevation models (DEMs), glacial geomorphology.

Dr Randall C. Orndorff, U.S. Geological Survey
Research interests include geologic mapping, karst geology, lithostratigraphy, carbonate petrology, and structural geology.

Dr Jan-Christoph Otto, University of Salzburg
Dipl. Geogr. (Bonn), PhD (Bonn)
Research interests include alpine geomorphology, sediment budgets, human impact on natural systems, environmental change and geomorphological mapping.

Prof. Dr Bastiaan Notebaert, Leuven University (KU Leuven) and Ghent University
MSc (Ghent), PhD (Leuven)
Research interests include sediment budgeting, fluvial geomorphology, hillslope geomorphology, landform evolution, palynology, anthropocene studies, Holocene geomorphology and spatial modelling.

Dr Colin Pain, Universidad de Sevilla
MA (Auckland), PhD (ANU)
Research interests include longterm landform evolution, regolith and landforms, geomorphology and natural resource management, and the geomorphology of hillslopes. Remote sensing, digital elevation models (DEMs), the influence of landscape and process scale on map scales, and the appropriate scales for various map uses.

Dr Monica Pondrelli, International Research School of Planetary Sciences, Università d'Annunzio
BSc (Bologna), PhD (Bologna)
Research interests in terrestrial and Martian geology, geological mapping and sedimentary processes.

Dr Paolo Paron, Senior Lecturer, UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education
MSc (Roma Tre), PhD (G. D'Annunzio)
Research interests in GIS / Remote Sensing, Physical Geography, River Geomorphology and Groundwater.

Professor Dr Claudio Riccomini, Professor, University of São Paulo
BSc (São Paulo), MSc (INPE), PhD (São Paulo)
Research interests include tectonics (Neotectonics), basin analysis and geological mapping.

Dr Chris Stokes, Reader, Department of Geography, University of Durham
BSc (Sheffield), PhD (Sheffield)
Research interests focus on using remote sensing techniques to investigate glaciers and glacial geomorphology.

Dr Brent Ward, Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University
BSc (Alerta), PhD (Alberta)
Research interests include sedimentology, stratigraphy, paleoenvironmental reconstructions, surficial mapping, drift prospecting and landslides.

Social Science

Dr Simon Batterbury, Associate Professor, University of Melbourne
BA (Reading), MA (Clark), PhD (Clark)
Simon works on the political ecology of resource management, international development policy, and environmental issues.

Dr Ronald Cossman, Associate Professor, Mississippi State University
PhD (Colrado)
Research interests include the spatial analysis and visualization of health conditions. He uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and data visualization technologies to investigate the relationships between social and environmental factors and resulting health outcomes such as death rate patterns and chronic illness patterns.

Professor Dave Martin, Professor, University of Southampton
BSc (Bristol), PhD (Wales), FRGS
Research interests include census analysis methods (spatial modelling of population), population application in GIS and delivery of health care.

Dr Wesley James, Assistant Professor, University of Memphis
PhD (Mississippi)
Research interests are demography, rural health, and medical sociology/sociology of health, specifically investigating the relationship between education and health at the micro-level, as well as macro-level regional disparities in cause-specific mortality across the United States using quantitative and spatial statistical models.

Cartography / GIS

Professor Keith Clarke, Professor, Department of Geography, University of California, Santa Barbara
BA (Middlesex), MA (Michigan), PhD (Michigan)
Research interests include cartography and GIS.

Professor Dr Menno-Jan Kraak, Professor, International Institute of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation
MSc (Utrecht), PhD (Delft)
Current research interests are releated to mapping time in the context of geovisual analytics and cartography. These activities are driven by the question ‘How to design maps such that the temporal component of the map content is properly expressed and tells the story of change’

Dr Mike Wood, Senior Lecturer, University of Aberdeen
BSc (Aberdeen), DCarto (Glasgow), DSc, FRSGS, FRGS, FBCS, OBE

Research interests include applications in GISystems, design of Tourist Maps and Panoramas, digital terrain visualization in tourism, knowledge and expertise in cartography/map use and cartographic visualization/cognitive theory.

Cartographic Editors

John Abraham, Cartographer, Plymouth University

Heike Apps, Spatial Information Scientist, Geoscience Australia

Dr Giedre Beconyte, Centre for Cartography, Vilnius University

Jennifer Carrell, Illinois State Geological Survey

Stuart Gill, Senior Cartographer, Department of Geography, Environment and Disaster Management, Coventry University

Dr Amy L. Griffin, Lecturer, School of Physical, Environmental and Mathematical Sciences, University of New South Wales

Chandra Jayasuriya, Cartographer, Department of Resource Management and Geography, University of Melbourne

Dr Bernhard Jenny, Assistant Professor, Oregon State University

Dr Patrick Kennelly, Associate Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Science, C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University
BSc (Allegheny College), MSc (University of Arizona), PhD (Oregon State University)
Research interests include cartographic methods of terrain representation and uses of GIS for analyzing and displaying environmental and geologic data.

Dr Barry J. Kronenfeld, Assistant Professor, Eastern Illinois University

Dr Ian Muehlenhaus, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Makram Murad-al-shaikh, ESRI, Inc.- Educational Services

Chris Orton, Department of Geography, Durham University

Dr Matt Peljo, Research Scientist, Geoscience Australia

Dr Thomas Pingel, Assistant Professor, Dr Thomas Pingel, Northern Illinois University
PhD University of California, Santa Barbara
Research interests include spatial cognition, computational modeling of human movement and navigation, geographic algorithm development, and geovisualization.

Dr Rob Roth, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Mike Shand M.App.Sci, FBCartS, FRSGS, GIS Cartographer, University of Glasgow

Mike Siegel, Staff Cartographer, Geography Department, Rutgers University

Dr Corné van Elzakker, Department of Geo-Information Processing (GIP), ITC

Gayle Young, Cartographer, Geoscience Australia

Martin von Wyss, Cartographer, VW Maps