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Journal of Maps

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ): direct link to JoM listing.

MirrorService.Org: link to JoM archives.

British Library Web Preservation Programme: complete archived copy of the Journal of Maps now stored in the British Library's permanent collections.



ESRI ARC Desktop







Remote Sensing


Erdas Imagine

Clark Labs Idrisi


Australian Spatial Data Directory

Digimap - UK academic digital data archive.

English Nature - digital boundary datasets from English Nature.

Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature - contains detailed information about all names of topographic and albedo features on planets and satellites that the International Astronomical Union has named.

GeoCommunity Data Depot - variety of datasets available from this central resource.

Getmapping / Nextmap - UK digital aerial photography and InSAR DEMs.

Global Land Cover Facility - the worlds largest collection of *FREE* satellite imagery, including Landsat ETM+, Landsat TM (and mosaics), SRTM and MODIS.

Go - Geo - meta-data initiative.

Google Earth - satellite imagery and mapping viewable for large portions of the Earth.

International Water Management Institute (IWMI) - the Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) Unit, with over 1Tb of data available.

Landmap - UK/Ireland ERS tandem InSAR DEM.


NASA Geocover - free access to Landsat satellite imagery.

National Statistics - download neighbourhood statistics for the UK.

NOAA Spatial Data Centre - variety of earth resource data sets available.

Ordnance Survey - UK national mapping agency.

UK Coastal Map - create maps of the UK coast and download copyright free data.

UNEP: "One Planet, Many People: Atlas of Our Changing Environment" - a publication that provides visual evidence of environmental change using satellite images, graphics and text. The focus is on the status and trends over several decades, both in physical and human geography. The 332-page hardbound Atlas discusses human influences on our Earth including changes in land use, biological diversity, and climate.

USGS - US national mapping agency.

US National Geologic Map Database - geoscience resource for maps and related data about geology, hazards, earth resources, geophysics, geochemistry, geochronology, paleontology, and marine geology.

Digital Elevation Models

3DEM - DEM manipulation (freeware)

Landserf - DEM visualisation and modelling (freeware).

TerrainApps - rich variety of DEM modelling techniques (freeware).

MicroDEM - DEM modelling package (freeware).

Leveller - DEM visualisation package.

Terragen - DEM visualisation package.

Surfer - commercial surface manipulation, including DEMs.


American Congress on Surveying and Mapping - professional membership society for the fields of surveying, cartography, geodesy, geographic and land information systems, and other disciplines in the spatial data information industry.

Association of American Geographers - a scientific and educational society founded in 1904. Its 8,400+ members share interests in the theory, methods, and practice of geography and geographic education.

Association for Geographic Information - represents the interests of the geographic information industry, including users in the public and private sectors, suppliers of software, hardware, data and services, consultants, academics and interested individuals.

American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing - a society dedicated to advance knowledge and improve understanding of mapping sciences and to promote the responsible applications of photogrammetry, remote sensing and GIS.

British Cartographic Society (BCS)

British Antarctic Survey

British Educational Communications and Technology Agency - the Government's key partner in the strategic development and delivery of its information and communications technology (ICT) and e-learning strategy for the schools and the learning and skills sectors.

British Geological Survey

British Geomorphogical Research Group

Canadian Institute of Geomatics

Geographical Association - a subject association with a mission to further the teaching of geography and to communicate the value of learning geography for all.

Geological Remote Sensing Group

Geological Society

Geological Society of America


Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society - seeks to advance geoscience and remote sensing science and technology through scientific, technical and educational activities.

IMCOS (International Map Collectors' Society)

International Cartographic Association (ICA)


International Geographic Information Foundation - non-profit charitable foundation dedicated to the improvement of the quality of life on Earth through better use of geographic information.

International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing - devoted to the development of international cooperation for the advancement of photogrammetry and remote sensing and their applications.

National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA)

The National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis is an independent research consortium dedicated to basic research and education in geographic information science and its related technologies, including geographic information systems (GIS). The three member institutions are the University of California, Santa Barbara; the University at Buffalo; and the University of Maine.

National Geographic

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Quaternary Research Association

Royal Geographical Society - founded in 1830 for the advancement of geographical science.

Royal Scottish Geographical Society - aims to advance the science of Geography and create a greater understanding of the wider world, in the belief that geographical knowledge makes a significant difference to the way in which we view and shape the world we live in.

Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society - involved with the co-ordination and promotion of activities in remote sensing and photogrammetry, the promotion of relationships and discussion with other related societies, the encouragement of commercial and government participation in remote sensing and photogrammetry and in supporting education and training at all levels.

Society of Cartographers

United States Geological Survey (USGS) - federal source for science about the Earth, its natural and living resources, natural hazards, and the environment.

University Consortium for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS) - dedicated to advancing understanding of geographic processes and spatial relationships through improved theory, methods, technology, and data.


Australian Map Circle

British Cartographic Society

Canadian Cartographic Association

Ordnance Survey

Odden's Bookmarks

Society of Cartographers


City University - School of Informatics

Kingston University - Centre for GIS

UCL - Dept of Geomatic Engineering

University of Glasgow - Geography & Geomatics

University of Nottingham - Dept of Geography

Digital Mapping

Geomorphological WebGIS Turtmann Valley (CH)

German Geomorphological Maps Online

Geomorphic symbols for ArcGIS

Buy Maps

Art Source International - Rare Maps and Prints - over 20,000 original antique maps and prints in stock and a history of over 20 years in the business

Location Maps - UK based map printing company, providing location maps, map printing services and online digital mapping.