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Giles Lane from Proboscis
My third year class (Contemporary Issues in GIS) had a talk today from Giles Lane of Proboscis. Giles has a strong arts background and is driven by enabling communities to make innovative use of mobile technology. He has been involved in this sector since the late 1990s and, somewhat unusually, has worked with business, government and academia. And some of the technology deployed has involved the development of bespoke kit to support a variety of platforms for input (PDA, smartphone, interactive TV, web browser). Yet the focus is not technology led, but community led. My class certainly found this unusual and challenged their preconceptions about the the people and uses of GIS.

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SPLINT Meeting
I attended a meeting today at the Royal Geographical Society on SPatial Literacy IN Teaching (SPLINT)....

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On-the-fly Reprojection
I had some x-y coordinates in geographic lat/long that I wanted to display with some Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 raster data (OS National Grid) as a backdrop....

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Use Case Compendium of Derived Geospatial Data.
M.J. Smith Final report to the GRADE Project, pp80. This report explores data copyright issues surrounding the use and dissemination of derived data sets through the provision of eleven (geospatial) use-case scenarios describing the main actors, stakeholders, data sets and outputs....

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Land Rover
OK, I have succombed and bought a 1973 Series 3 Land Rover. And, well, its not particularly environmentally friendly, but its alot of fun, safe (for the occupants), ultra-reliable and cheap. The last item may be a suprise, but at over 30 years old it doesn't pay any road tax and fully comprehensive insurance is 150 per year. This particular one has a galvanised chasis and, of course, has aluminium bodywork. So not much rusting going on there. Anyway, thought for the day is don't drive through deep puddles quickly. Water goes over your roof and saturates the engine compartment. The result is wet electrics and a Land Rover that stalls within 30 yards.

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Saving data from WMS/WFS/WCS
I've recently been playing a little bit more with WMS (web map service), WCS (web coverage service) and WFS (web feature service) data in ArcGIS....

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Planetary Remote Sensing and GIS: The Convergence of Software, Techniques and Data [#1675]
M.J. Smith, Petford N. and Xiao L. 37th Lunar and Planetary Society Conference, paper 1675. GIS has been used extensively within geoscience, however this has not been mirrored within the planetary sciences. We briefly explore the convergence between GIS, application of new techniques and availability of data within the planetary sciences.

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