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Personal Geodatabases in ArcMap 9.2

Thu, 29 Mar 2007

As many have discovered, personal geodatabases in ArcMap 9.2 are not backwards compatable. Ho hum, thats nice and helpful. For those who use personal geodatabases this is causing quite some headache in terms of migration and mixed versions of software. 9.2 is not able to save in previous versions either, however the benefits it offers might well be worth using and include support for double precision and the new cartographic features (yes, you might actually be able to throw away those coverages). Spatially Adjusted briefly mentioned this problem late last year and have links to a blank/empty versions of personal geodatabases for 9.1 and 8.3 that can be used in 9.2 to store data in. A work around at least.

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Ken wrote at 2007-03-31 09:52:

There are sound reasons why the 9.2 version is not backwards compatible and it is by design (which isn't always the case with new ESRI releases). The geodatabase at 9.2 (both 'personal' mdb and the new 'file' gdb) has extended functionality that pre-ArcGIS 9.2 software does not support such as: geodatabase replication, historical archiving, terrains, & high precision spatial references.

HOWEVER - it poses serious problems for many organisations with clients who are running pre 9.2 versions. It also poses problems at Kingston University. We took delivery of v9.2 recently and have been using and testing it. Our student labs only receive upgrades during the summer to ensure the platform is stable for a whole academic year at a time. I came a cropper last week in writing a new practical using v9.2 on my office machine which I then had to spend a day re-configuring for use in v9.1 so that students could do the work. The workaround mentioned does work...but it's bloody irritating to have to create 2 versions of the same piece of work. ESRI do like to make things awkward at wonder Mike has pulled his hair out.

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