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Mighty Text

Tue, 01 Nov 2011

I've just been trialling MightyText which allows you to send and receive SMS messages on your PC from your Android phone. Its a very clever bit of programming.... install the app on your phone, then the Chrome app on your PC. Log in to your Google account from both Chrome and your phone and, hey presto, they are then paired.

So what does it do?? Well, doh, allows you to send and receive SMS messages on your PC. The integration is pretty neat though.... a pop-up box notifies you when a txt arrives and allows you to reply. This brings up the main screen with threaded conversations (aka Handcent). You can import all your contacts from your GMail account (which means everything off your phone if you keep your phone synced) which is good, although incoming txt messages append the +44 for the UK, whilst the contacts dont. Which means you only see the phone number rather than the sender name.

Remember you need the data connection on the phone open in order for the app to work. The lag is acceptable.... about 10s which seems pretty good to me considering what is going on. The Android app is quite small, although I should look as to its utilisation. The Chrome app is a bit of a hog though... most extensions run 5-10Mb, but this is more like 50Mb.

So what's if useful for? Good question and, obviously, you can txt from your PC which is useful in that typing is clearly easier. There are a couple of other side effects though.... you don't have to have your phone near you to send/receive txts. And (or) you can put your phone in entirely inert mode (no notification, pop-up box, sound or tone).

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