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    Journal of Maps published by Taylor and Francis (permanent news item)
    Taylor and Francis have taken responsibility for publication of the Journal of Maps and in addition to typesetting manuscripts, will provide peer-review, pre-publication and full publishing facilities. The journal is now subscription based, with NO author submission fees. All content upto 2011 will remain open-access under a Creative Commons license available through Journal of Maps, Taylor and Francis and University of Kent Mirror Service. Issue 1 of 2012 will permanently remain open access, copyright to the Journal of Maps and the publishing authors.

    All new manuscript submissions should go via ScholarONE at Taylor and Francis. This site will be archived in-perpetuity for continued access to the Journal of Maps open access archive. News items will also be announced here.

    Please see this flyer and the end-of-year editorial for further details.
    Taylor and Francis Open Select(Posted: 10 February 2012)
    For those authors the would like or are required to publish their map under an open access license, Open Select offers the option of paying for this. For example, this may be a requirement for a funding body. Please contact Taylor and Francis for further details.
    Best Map 2011 now available for purchase (Posted: 30 January 2012)
    The 2011 Best Map "A Map of 21st Century Conflicts in Europe" by Giedre Beconyte, Vilmantas Alekna and Inga Rocite (Vilnius University) is now avilable for purchase as a limited edition B0 print run.
    Best Map 2011: Best Map Awarded to Beconyte, Alekna and Rocite (Posted: 21 December 2011)
    The award for the 2011 "Best Map" goes to Giedre Beconyte, Vilmantas Alekna and Inga Rocite (Vilnius University) for their depiction of conflict and terrorism in Europe during the 21 century. The authors have synthesized a great deal of relatively inaccessible and dispersed information, and presented it in a way that is visually informative, particularly for such an emotive topic. It presents a good blend of geography, history, and cartography, forming the basis of a continued MSc cartography class at Vilnius University. As with past winners, we will sponsor a limited print run of the map which will be available shortly.
    Technical Note: Presenting 3D models in GeoPDFs (Posted: 7 May 2010)
    The application of GeoPDFs is drawing increased interest from the geospatial community particularly now that it is an approved standard of the Open Geospatial Consortium. The ability to incorporate coordinate systems (and so undertake real world measurements), switchable layers and attribute data make for a much richer, interactive, experience. As a result we are publishing increasing numbers of GeoPDFs. One area of PDF development is the ability to include 3D models. We will be publishing our first 3D model in the coming months and in order to increase interest have now published the following technical note detailing their production using ArcGIS and Adobe Acrobat:

    Brennan-Horley, C. (2010) Technical Note: Embedding 3D content in PDF maps
    Ordnance Survey OpenData (Posted: 2 April 2010)
    Ordnance Survey have now released a series of datasets under a Creative Commons style licence that simply requires attribution when used; authors can manipulate the data in whatever way they see fit, including commercial use, and also with no "hit" for derived data. Data can be grabbed from OS OpenData and MySociety have already produced some derivative products (e.g. WGS84 version of CodePoint) and include the licence. And, if it isn't by now obvious, maps based upon these datasets can be published by JoM.
    Journal of Maps Archival (permanent news item)
    The Journal of Maps has been asked to participate in the UK Web Preservation Programme. The programme has been selecting sites, as part of initial trials, to represent aspects of UK documentary heritage that will remain available to researchers in the future. With JoMs Creative Commons licensing model, and strict PDF publishing, a complete archived copy of the journal will be stored in the British Library's permanent collections.

    The Journal of Maps also mirrors all of its content at the UK Mirror Service. This is a complete copy of our data directories and is the most up-to-date archive of our collection.
    Publication of Data (permanent news item)
    The submission guidelines detail that the Journal of Maps is able to publish research data alongside the article. Examples include Stokes et al and Dunlop and Clark. Data deposition and data repositories are of increasing importance in funded research, however if the data "follows the article" then the benefits of "immediacy" are both data preservation and dissemination of outputs. Mike Smith (editor) details some of these points in a blog on data publication.
    Maps Pending Publication (permanent news item)
    The Journal of Maps realises that spatial output underpins much research and that authors often wish to publish in tandem both the cartographic output, as well as the interpretations based upon them. The latter usually form part of a research paper in a subject specific journal. To aid this process, the Journal of Maps is happy to receive and review map submissions and then temporarily withold the maps from publication (for a period of upto 1 year) until authorised to do so by the authors. If you would like to know more about this process please email the editor.
    Open Access and Copyright (permanent news item)
    Creative Commons Licence JoM is dedicated to open-access publishing, whilst protecting the work of the journal and the author. To this end, whilst all our material is copyright, we operate within the framework of Creative Commons, a non-profit organisation dedicated to flexible protections/freedoms. Please follow the link (right) to see our license and read this page for a more detailed discussion.
    Submission of Maps Incorporating Ordnance Survey Data (permanent news item)
    Due to copyright restrictions of OS data, we are currently unable to publish maps licensed through EDINA. Please read this page to find a more detailed discussion.